Plant Extract and Immunotherapy – Promising New Cancer Treatments

Australian Rainforest

Blushwood Seed Extract and Immunotherapy against Cancer Cells – Hope for Humanity and Pets and Animals ?


It is very exciting to learn that researchers in the medical and especially the veterinary field are discovering less invasive methods to fight cancer and tumors. If these treatment modalities could help to stop and decrease cancer cell neoplasia – or not to mention – destroy tumor/cancer cells completely, humanity could have won the fight over this deadly disease.

Two different approaches seem to be promising:

  •  Blushwood tree seed extract EBC-46
  •  Immunotherapy


Possible cancer cure found in blushwood shrub

CANCER patients are offering themselves as human guinea pigs as researchers investigate a possible cure for cancer that was found in north Queensland rainforests.

Scientists have identified a compound in the fruit of the native blushwood shrub that appears to “liquefy and destroy cancer with no side-effects”, according to latest research.

Key to cure is in North Queensland trees

Key to cure is in North Queensland treesThe Cairns PostQueensland life science company QBiotics Limited believe they have also uncovered a breakthrough new chronic wound healing remedy in a compound extracted from the same fruit of the native blushwood.

QBiotics chief executive Dr Victoria Gordon said the anti-cancer drug found in the 130 million year old rainforest was unique.She said it had successfully treated solid cancer tumours in more than 300 dogs, cats and horses in trials in Sydney, Adelaide, Germany and the United States.


Australian Rainforest
Australian Rainforest

Blushwood tree seeds’ active ingredient EBC-46 “induces localised inflammation that leads to cell death of tumor cells as well as recruitment of the immune system’s neutrophils to cause immune attack of the tumor.”

Watch this video about Fontain Blushwood trees, the seeds and the amazing effect of the extracted chemical on tumor cells in dogs and horses.



Cancer Cure with Immunotherapy?


Veterinary researchers at University of Minnesota test new cancer treatments, like this new method of producing a unique vaccine made out of an individuals tumor cells components and inocculate it to the individual (animal) – patient. Read about this interesting report about immunotherapy here:



Dog declared cured and cancer-free after receiving treatment that could benefit humans

A Georgetown beagle is treated for brain cancer in Minnesota and is alive and well today three years later. His experimental treatment is now being tested on humans. […]

They were pleased that Rilley could contribute to cancer research. But, make no mistake: The Jankes didn’t think of their dog as a guinea pig. He was a member of the family and they wanted to save his life. The surgery and immunotherapy would be covered by the university. The Jankes would pick up the travel and incidental expenses. […]


Understanding and learning about above described treatment methods reveals how awesome and exciting it can be in the future to be able to stop tumors from growing further or even to cure cancer in animals and humans alike. Certainly an area of vast interest and hopefully it will benefit eventually everyone who needs treatment against this debiliating and fatal diseases.


Here is an update on Rilley:


Rilley – Three Years On is the blog about Rilley the beagle who has survived a brain tumor through the help of an experimental treatment.

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!  – Rilley – Three Years On

Congratulate Rilley here…  🙂


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