Canine Acupuncture – How Can It Help Your Dog?

Dog Acupuncture

How Can Canine Acupuncture Help?


Many veterinary practitioners offer nowadays canine acupuncture therapy. It is a treatment modality that is easily integrated into a conventional veterinary treatment plan.

For instance, dogs suffering from arthritic pain or recovering from surgery will show often dramatic improvement or a speedy recovery.

Canine Acupuncture
Canine acupuncture treatment may help dissolve many common dog health problems.

A lot of dogs that have got a chronic and painful medical condition can be helped to achieve a better quality of life with consistent, regular treatments.

They are usually becoming more active again which helps to:

  • activate the cardiovascular system
  •  improve the blood  and lymph flow
  • stimulate the immune system
  • improve muscular motorics
  • and the range of movement of all joints


Canine osteoarthritis can become very painful, especially when affected joints start to degenerate and cartilage wears off. Dogs suffering from this debilitating disease benefit from acupuncture therapy.

In more severe cases it should be combined with conventional anti inflammatory medication and effective joint supplements.  Less severely affected canine patients may get pain relief without the need of NSAID drugs.


A lot of my patients are of older age and canine acupuncture treatment is in many cases not only relieving pain, but they seem to become more energetic again: their owners often find that they are keener to go for regular walks, have a good appetite again, regular motions and an all-over improved quality of life.

Fact is, if older pets‘ mobility improves, muscles will get stronger and their flexibility increases usually with regular exercise.  Not to mention their weight can be controlled more easily.

Many retired racing Greyhounds seem to suffer from myofascial pain caused by trigger points, that are located in muscles of the shoulder belt. This is a very painful condition which may get better with needling acu points in these specific areas.

Especially rescued ex racing dogs may benefit from regular treatments.  Cases of  lameness that do not involve joints or bone structures, may get better or even get resolved over time.



Canine acupuncture treatment may help dissolve many common dog health problems. Just keep in mind, there are limitations and it is not a “cure-all” therapy.

Also, the more precise the actual diagnosis is, the better results can be achieved with acupuncture therapy as an addition to the usual treatment plan.



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