Dog Arthritis Info

How do you spot early arthritis symptoms in your dog? What can be done to relieve pain and restore a decent quality of life?


Quite amazing who can benefit from an acupuncture treatment

. Dr Tracy Lord, D.V.M. had the opportunity to treat sea turtles in a rescue centre that had mobility problems.

About a year ago the dedicated folks at the Marine Stranding and Rescue Center in Virginia Beach, VA  brought two sea turtles in to a clinic where I was working for evaluation and possible acupuncture treatments. Both turtles had problems with mobility.  There was a small green sea turtle named Frosty who was about the size of a dinner plate and a large loggerhead sea turtle who weighed upwards of two hundred pounds.  His name was Atlantis. We decided to give it a try as other therapies were not improving the turtles’ conditions.  Amazingly, we found references to a few acupuncture points in turtles..

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